your scarf or bonnet is probably affecting your hair growth...

...published research proves that polyester slows hair growth

Plantsilk is the solution

see the research... Plantsilk is better

Virtually all satin caps are made from polyester, which is petroleum based and a form of plastic. Polyester is both damaging to your hair and the environment.

Published research proves that polyester generates an electrostatic charge, which inihibits hair growth.

Plantsilk in comparison is made with 100% plant based satin, is hair healthy, earth friendly, and does not cause hair damage or slow hair growth.

Try Plantsilk and you will see results in a just a few weeks.

made with 100% plant based satin

All Plantsilk products are made from 100% plant based satin and without polyester. Plantsilk reduces friction, which prevents breakage, tangled hair, moisture loss, and frizziness.

great for your hair and great for the environment

Published research proves that polyester is one of the biggest polluters because it is derived from petroleum and is a form of plastic. Polyester is non-renewable and has very low biodegradeablity. In fact, it takes hundreds of years for polyester to decompose.

Plantsilk is a made from a renewable, 100% plant based proprietary textile that is also biodegradable and hair healthy.

choose your style

Plantsilk prevents hair breakage, preserves your hairstyle, and comfortable to wear while you sleep.

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protects your edges

Plantsilk never damages or breaks the delicate hair around the edges of your style

  • no elastic
  • no velcro
  • no abrasion
  • super comfortable to wear