who we are

Plantsilk is a division of Plant Industries, which produces a diverse range of plant based products.

Plant Industries is a vertically integrated manufacturer and grower with multiple facilities in the Northeastern, United States.

made by us

Unlike most beauty brands, all of our products are entirely made by us from start to finish. We independently do our own research and development, manufacturing, fulfillment, and distribution.

All of our products are made with the highest quality textiles and consistent construction, ensuring healthy hair results.

100% hair healthy

Virtually all satin caps are made from polyester, which is petroleum based and a form of plastic. polyester is both damaging to your hair and the environment.

In comparison, all Plantsilk products are made from 100% plant based, renewable fibers and all dyeing is done in a product healthy and environmentally responsible way.

  • no abrasive elastic
  • no Velcro
  • edge-safe


Polyester is a petroleum derived form of plastic that is non-renewable, non-recyclable, and take hundreds of years to biodegrade.

Plantsilk is a proprietary plant based textile that is renewable and biodegradable. Published research shows that plant based (cellulose) fabrics are highly biodegradable, even more so than cotton.

  • renewable
  • biodegradable
  • compostable
  • environmentally responsible dyes and processes

When polyester is washed it releases hundreds of thousands of fibers from a single load of laundry into the water supply. Eventually these tiny fibers called microplastics reach the ocean.

In addition to ocean pollution, the production of polyester is capable of emitting 300 times more greenhouse gases than carbon dioxide and it also has high levels of toxic chemicals.