who we are

Plantsilk is a division of Plant Industries, our parent company, which has a diverse range of plant based personal care brands.

our products are made in the manufacturing facilities owned and operated by Plant Industries.

made by us

unlike most beauty brands on the market, all of our products are entirely made by us from start to finish. we independently do our own research and development, manufacture, fulfillment, and distribution, which is why you can rest assured that our products have exactly the materials as listed on the label; and because our textile is proprietary there is no discrepancy between what we say and what you as the consumer purchase.

we take great pride in making sure we completely control each and every step of production. this also allows us to produce the highest quality product, while being completely transparent about the entire process.

100% hair healthy

all Plantsilk products are made from 100% plant-based, renewable fibers. We do not use any harsh chemicals or synthetic dyes during the manufacturing process. 

Plantsilk reduces friction, which prevents breakage, tangled hair, moisture loss, and frizziness. 


the proprietary plant based fibers we use are renewable and biodegradable. published research shows that plant based (cellulose) fabrics are highly biodegradable, even more so than cotton.

zero polyester

we never use any polyester because it is both damaging to your hair and the environment.

polyester is capable of emitting 300 times more greenhouse gases than carbon dioxide and it also has high levels of toxic chemicals.

part of the reason we created Plantsilk was to combat the pollution caused by polyester. Plantsilk is great for your hair and for the environment.